Professional Office Suites

Office Suites for Lease

HBCA’s renovated office units in Melbourne offer the perfect professional space for your business needs. We have several 100-150 square foot spaces for rent starting at just $400/mo, including power and water, you can move in and start working right away. Plus, with a plug-and-play setup and ample
parking available, it’s hassle-free.

If you’re growing in the space coast, HBCA’s office location is perfect for you, Melbourne Orlando International Airport just 1.3 miles away. Roughly 30-minute proximity to Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX, and Blue Origin. There are also over 200 tech firms and aviation defense contractors within 20
miles. Florida Institute of Technology just 5.5 miles away and 6,500 students within 10 miles.

Cassandra Hartford, CRES

Phone:  (321)514-0876

Email:  [email protected]

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