Pinnacle Builder Award

Recognizing Home Builders and General Contractors Who Demonstrate High Ethical Standards and Commitment to the Space Coast HBCA’s  Mission

Pinnacle Builders

What is a Pinnacle Builder

The Pinnacle Builder Award originated as an annual award by the Florida Home Builders Association and was named after the Space Coast HBCA’s own Paul Joyal, a Brevard County home builder who had consistently done business exclusively with members through his 30+ year career.  Paul is a member of both the Space Coast HBCA Hall of Fame and the Florida Housing Hall of Fame.  Today, in addition to FHBA’s annual award, the Space Coast HBCA awards its home builders and general contractors with its own Pinnacle Builder award.  



All members of the Space Coast HBCA apply for membership and must be nominated by a member in good standing.  Nominees are considered for membership by committee.  Those approved for membership must agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics.



A Pinnacle Builder is:

  • A Pinnacle Builder is a builder member in good standing of the Space Coast HBCA.
  • The builder maintains 75% of its active sub-contractors as members of the Space Coast HBCA.
  • A Pinnacle Builder actively nominates two new members every year.
  • A Pinnacle Builder promotes “Doing Business with Members” and attends at least one meeting or event each quarter.
Submit Sub List and Application to:
 John Thomas, Executive Officer:   [email protected] / (321)254-3700

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